Most individuals want to bury their dead in a dignified, religious and simple manner without necessarily spending a large amount of money. However, the traditional funeral is often influenced by sentimentality. The desire to provide only the best casket, and the most elaborate services may satisfy one emotionally but also cause great economic difficulty. Dignity and respect in the traditional funeral can be preserved with emotional satisfaction and modest price, regardless of the casket and services desired. It is with these principles in mind that Lyles Funeral Home will provide funeral services tailored to your specific requests.

The following explanation will clearly define the procedures and requirements for funerals. Lyles wants to help you understand the personal involvement and expense so you can make an informed decision at the time of need or in pre-planning funeral services for a loved one or yourself.

Knowing your options will bring you great satisfaction and peace of mind. Speaking from experience so many have said, "If I had it to do over again, I would do it exactly the same. .:" It is this feeling of satisfaction that the traditional funeral seems to leave with those who have kept our American custom of funerals.


When death occurs...

At the hospital, the staff will notify the next-of-kin offering the option of visiting the deceased at bedside. The hospital staff then contacts the attending physician, staff physician or medical examiner to sign the death certificate. The hospital may require a signed or verbal authorization to release the deceased to the funeral home. The family member can then call Lyles to report the death and arrange a convenient appointment to make the funeral arrangements. Upon notification that the certificate is signed and authorization for release has been given, we will respectfully move the deceased to our facilities.

At the nursing home, the staff follows the same procedures as that of the hospital. However, most nursing homes lack morgue facilities and may require immediate removal at any time of day or night, with or without a signed death certificate depending on the availability of the physician.

At the residence, the family must contact the attending physician. The family doctor may go to the residence or simply tell the family to contact Lyles. We will contact the doctor to secure a signed death certificate and promptly move the deceased from the residence. If there is no attending physician, the police must be notified who in turn will arrive at the residence to investigate the circumstances and notify the medical examiner. At this point you can call Lyles to report the death. We will then coordinate the removal with the police and secure the death certificate from the medical examiner.

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