When making funeral arrangements...

It is recommended that the person responsible for making arrangements have at least one other individual assist to assure that decisions made are not overshadowed by emotions. The support of family and friends will help relieve the emotional strain of making these arrangements.

Be prepared to provide the funeral director with statistical information to complete and file the death certificate as required by law. The information which is not always readily available but needed for the certificate is as follows:

1. Full name of the deceased
2. Residence of the deceased
3. Marital Status
4. Date of Birth
5. Birthplace
6. Occupation
7. Father's name
8. Mother's Maiden Name
9. Social Security Number
10. Veteran's Information (DD-214)
11. Education
12. Place of Burial
13. Dr.'s Name, Address & Phone
14. Citizen of What Country

It is important that this information be accurate as the death certificate is a legal document permanently filed with the state or district health department. Certified copies of the death certificate are issued by the health department's Division of Vital Records. The funeral director will assist in securing the number of copies you may need.

Other important items and information needed when making funeral arrangements include:

1. Photograph of Deceased
2. Clothing for Deceased (Dress or Suit and Complete Undergarments)
Instructions for Clothing - Dresses Should be Long Sleeved and Close Fitting to the Neck.
3. Jewelry, Nail Polish and Favorite Cosmetics
4. Retirement and Insurance Information, Beneficiary's Name, Address, Social Security Number and Date of Birth
5. List of Surviving Relatives
6. Contact Numbers for Minister, Priest or Rabbi

The religious preference and name of the individual you wish to conduct the ceremony will be needed to coordinate the service time. If the person you prefer is not available or you have no individual choice, the funeral director can contact a Minister, Priest or Rabbi to officiate.

Have available the deed to the cemetery plot showing the name of the lot owner and site location. If the original deed is not available, the name(s) of the property owner(s) will generally help in locating the grave. If you do not own cemetery property, the funeral director can assist you in locating a grave at the most reasonable cost.

It is suggested that a recent photo and clothing be provided when viewing is desired. Specially designed, inexpensive burial garments are available if necessary. The casket selection is made from a wide variety. In our display room the caskets are clearly priced so you are aware at all times of the expense involved.

The funeral director will guide you in preparing the death notice for the newspaper, arranging transportation and coordinating your flowers in conjunction with a local florist. We will advise you regarding benefits you may be entitled to such as social security and veteran's allowances, providing the required forms when applicable.

The Lyles Funeral Service will professionally arrange the services you design in an honest, sincere and efficient manner, providing the highest quality of service.

Mother, Father and Sons:
C. Julian Lyles, Jr. (left), Hubert Lyles (right),
C. Julian Lyles, Sr., Ruth Barlow Lyles

Other services available include cremations, memorials, headstones and markers.

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